The success of the company directly depends on the performance of its employees. Workplace wellbeing coaching is a way to support the health and wellness of your employees helping them to manage stress and build resilience. Also, it just shows how much employees are appreciated.  

Working previously in the corporate business I can relate and understand the struggles of office life. Barely enough time to finish lunch, not enough time to exercise, and a head full of projects to stress about till midnight hours. 

Take a deep breath.

Your employees, including you, are in good hands.

Through tailored well-being coaching programs offered in the convenience of the office, your employees will be able to learn more effective ways to manage stress, increasing their ability to focus longer. So no busy schedule can get in the way of being energetic and confident, having clarity and creativity to solve any problems and impediments. 

All workplace wellbeing packages are tailored to the needs of the organisation and its employees. A wellbeing package could include one or all: yoga classes at the office, breathing technique workshops, meditation and visualisation sessions, individual sessions or group workshops on balanced nutrition topics.

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It’s a complimentary consultation helping you to discover if it’s a right fit for your organisation.

I enhanced my physical abilities, with the added benefit of relaxation, de-stressing, and mindfulness techniques. These are all great skills that are relevant to a workplace wellbeing programme. BMW, UK


  1. Intro call – We begin with a call to discuss wellbeing goals of the organisation and your employees, and how I could support you reaching them.
  2. Assessments – Evaluation of the current situation to assess the well-being culture within the organisation. By learning more about the current situation I can take better care of your employees making sure the well-being package is a good fit for workplace wellbeing goals and targets of your organisation.
  3. Your tailored Workplace Wellbeing Plan –  in the follow-up meeting we discuss goals and set targets. We agree on how we go forward, timeline, and schedule meetings.
  4. Action – game time. I will support and guide you on this journey, every step of the way.

Discover how your employees and business can thrive.

“I’m feeling fitter. Sessions really help with strengthening my core muscles and lower back. Overall great feeling of a good health after breathing exercises. This is a great addition to the existing workplace wellbeing programme.” BMW, UK

Meet your wellness advocate

Hi, I’m Nora. 

Holistic Wellbeing Coach

I help go-getters who have “tried it all” shift their mindset and create habits that stick around – so you feel happier, healthier and a whole lot more energised. 

In my practice I combine nutritional advice, movement like yoga and functional training as well as mindfulness practices.

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Let’s discuss how I can support wellbeing of your organisation and your employees.

“I felt as though the classes had really improved my inner strength. I felt more energised, brilliant. I loved it to the point I was telling everyone they should go and try it.” – Shanon, Logistics