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“I love Nora’s classes.
The way to beat covid is to stay healthy and boost the immune system. Yoga is the perfect way to do just that. Also, it helps me cultivate a more positive attitude in these uncertain and upsetting times.” – Kim

Free First Yoga Class Free

  • This is an online yoga class where you get to practice from the comfort of your own home.
  • In a dynamic yoga class, you will keep you moving through poses.
  • Wear something easy-to-move in and keep your feet bare.
  • Roll out your mat and enjoy the practice.

Online Yoga Class 10 EUR

  • This is an online yoga class via zoom.
  • A dynamic yoga class based on Ashtanga Primary Series.
  • This vigorous practice will help you to develop stamina, strength, and flexibility physically and mentally.
  • Book now to receive a zoom link or ask a question.

Monthly Package of 4 Online Yoga Classes 35 EUR

  • A month pass of 4 online yoga classes on Zoom.
  • Click the 'Book now' button to subscribe for 4 yoga sessions and receive Zoom links.

Monthly Package of 8 Online Yoga Classes 65 EUR

  • A month pass of 8 online yoga classes on Zoom
  • Click the 'Book now' button to subscribe for 8 sessions a month and receive Zoom links.