Tired of the on-again, off-again relationship with “being healthy”? You’ve tried every program, new health food trend, and form of self-care that emerges. But nothing sticks. 

Still, You believe in the importance and benefits of health and wellness, but you have a hard time committing to it as a lifestyle. Because, well, life happens – travel, date nights, holidays. 

Before you know it – you’re off track. So you start on the health kick again. You’ve tried it all and it’s not working. 

So you ask yourself, what’s next? How do I actually reach my goals? Will I ever feel good in my own skin?

Take a deep breath. 

You’re in good hands. 

Through one-on-one coaching, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset from “I need to get healthy” to “I’m grateful for my body and mind – I want to take care of it as best as possible.” 

You’ll create habits that stick around for good and learn how to enjoy the little things in life (like great food and wine) without feeling like crap after you indulge. You’ll learn how movement, mindset, and nutrition are integrated transforming your lifestyle into a sustainable healthy and happy one. 


Whether you’re looking for feeling in control of your life and food habits, making peace with your body and falling in love with it, dropping stress burden, develop toned body, drop some weight  or eating healthy everyday, learning to plan and prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Each of my coaching sessions are designed for you reaching your goals and living your happiest and healthiest life possible. 

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It's a complimentary 30 minutes consultation.

You’re tired of hitting a plateau and you’re ready to create habits that stick around for good so you can feel strong, confident and energised.  

“I feel more confident about my food choices. I can better navigate between different foods when doing groceries. My focus has switched to feeling and looking great everyday, away from my obsession with short term gains of dieting and trying to fit into my “skinny” clothes. I like being me.” Luise


  1. Intro call – We begin with a call to discuss your health and happiness goals, and how I could support you reaching them.
  2. Assessments – You receive self-evaluation forms to assess your lifestyle and habits. By learning more about your lifestyle I can take better care of you and make sure coaching is a good fit for your goals and individual needs.
  3. Your Personal Wellbeing Plan –  in the follow-up meeting we discuss your goals and set targets. We agree on how we go forward, timeline, and schedule meetings.
  4. Action – game time for you to take steps. I will support and guide you on this journey, every step of the way.

Schedule an Intro Call

It's a complimentary 30 minutes consultation.

“I’ve learned to listen more to into my own needs. Now I talk and listen to what is going on in me emotionally rather than shutting down being upset. I enjoyed the natural flow of working with Nora.” – Eva

Meet your wellness advocate

Hi, I’m Nora. 

Holistic Wellbeing Coach

I help go-getters who have “tried it all” shift their mindset and create habits that stick around – so you feel happier, healthier and a whole lot more energised. 

In my practice I combine nutritional advice, movement like yoga and functional training as well as mindfulness practices.

Schedule an Intro Call

It's a complimentary 30 minutes consultation.

“I have been working with Nora for the last year and my goals are now evident and at my reach. Her ability to communicate the benefits of her teachings and successfully implementing them, is one of the reasons I will keep Nora as my coach.” – Adonis