What a great conversation we had with Ekaterina Sophia during Wellbeing Brunching.
It felt like plunging into the deep, we explored:

  • what is Reiki 
  • how people experience energy healing 
  • what’s the link between healing and lifestyle changes
  • what helped Ekaterina to find her own way to fulfillment 
  • how to create a healthy mind 
  • how to get your mind to think and do what you want
  • how the way we think is linked to food cravings and how to stop them
  • what body parts are linked to instant relaxation
  • what can you do for a healthier and happier mind starting from today 

Ekaterina took us through guided meditation and breathing techniques to experience and feel what a difference these tools can make. 

My total highlight and knockout aha moment was breathing with my WHOLE body. Have you ever tried exhaling with your feet? 

It felt so relaxing and liberating!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch it, please, share in a comments section one thought or feeling that stood out for you. 

Maybe there is a topic you would like me to cover in the following Wellbeing Brunching episodes? Head to the contact me form and drop the topic in the message box.

Thank you for being part of this beautiful Wellbeing Brunching group. You are unique and so is your journey of living happy and healthy. Trust that you have got everything it takes to change your lifestyle and transform your life.  

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