She was always busy working late nights, skipping meals, and not having much fun as she was seeing her friends and family just a couple of times a year. Does this sound familiar?

This time Wellbeing Brunching is hosting Maria, a senior yoga teacher that use to be an always-working teacher till one vacation in Ibiza where yoga changed her life. 

Inspired by her personal transformation thanks to yoga, Maria has made it her mission to share the power of yoga with others so that they can live life to the full: feeling a little lighter in their body, less busy in their mind, and warmer in their heart. 

In our conversation, Maria shared her personal transformation through yoga practice. Starting from always being stressed, overworked, and skipping meals to feeling worthy of taking time for herself and becoming more productive.  

You will also hear:

  • Yoga practice for feeling good inside your body
  • Learning about yourself through yoga practice
  • Lifestyle change through yoga practice
  • Mental wellbeing and yoga
  • Yoga and diet

Maria is a shining example of how you can change your life by practicing yoga enhancing your physical ability, developing mental resilience, and emotional intelligence. 

Once you have watched this Wellbeing Brunching episode.

In the comments below, share what’s one problem yoga could help you with? 

Don’t overthink it – write the first response that comes to your mind!

P.S. Now more than other times yoga classes are accessible online and in studios. Many yoga teachers are teaching groups and private sessions. Choose what suits you and give it a go!

I teach private and group yoga sessions online and in person. Interested? Drop me a message here

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