Do you ever wonder how other people manage to eat healthily, find time to exercise and keep up with busy life schedules?

You are in for a treat!

My long-time client Adonis is in the spotlight of this Wellbeing Brunching episode. Adonis’s lifestyle has gone an incredible transformation in the past couple of years.

In this Wellbeing Brunching episode, he speaks openly about his struggle with quitting smoking, love for craft beers, and obsession with fried potatoes.

Adonis shares how receiving the diagnosis not only pushed him to change his lifestyle but also helped him to build confidence and pursue his dreams.

You will also learn:

  • What did it take for Adonis to transform his lifestyle
  • How did he start to change his habits – quitting to smoke, changing diet, and being more active
  • What setbacks has he faced during his transformation
  • What helps him to stay on track with the new lifestyle
  • What positive changes he has seen in his life
  • How he has managed to keep up with his health and fitness goals

Making small and consistent choices that support health and wellbeing has been also my personal way to living happier and healthier each day.

Once you have a chance to watch it, please, in the comments tell us, what is the one thing that you can start doing from today?

My advice is to go for the smallest and easiest thing that comes to your mind. Small and consistent actions are ones that will make long-lasting changes.

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