You might have heard before that you are what you eat. And I would add to it,  your skin is a mirror of your health, especially the skin on your face. Many times just by looking at your skin, professionals can tell you a lot about what might be happening on the inside. 

This is why I was so excited to talk to Shona Munro, the founder of an awarded natural skincare brand Skin Elixir. It’s through a personal struggle with flaky, lifeless, and dry skin that Shona developed a 100% natural Skin Elixir. All Skin Elixir products are handmade and vegan-friendly, made to nourish the skin you’re in.

Shona shares the same belief that your lifestyle, nutrition, and habits play a big role in the beautiful appearance of your skin. Actually, Shona tells a personal story of how changing nutrition helped Shona and her family feel and look better. 

Watch to learn:

  • what ingredients nourish the skin 
  • what foods to include in your diet for beautiful skin
  • what vitamins and nutrients can make your skin glow
  • what your gut health has to do with a healthy-looking skin
  • how your skincare products can contribute to a better world 

Also, Shona shares a recipe for Superhero juice and Golden milk. Both of these drinks help Shona to look and feel great and keep her family healthy.

Once you had a chance to watch it, tell me in the comment below, what is the one thing that you are taking away to try in your life?

You are unique and so is your wellbeing journey. Explore and enjoy health hacks that work for you, drop those that don’t.

And if you wish for support, help is one message away. You can reach me by sending a message on or fill in the contact form here.

You can find more about Shona’s work on her website

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